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I wish I could give Ella Begelfor 10 stars! She is an extraordinary therapist that has been able to help me overcome life long challenges and build the life that I want for my self.
Coming from a challenging family dynamic, I have worked with several therapists over the past twenty years, and none were as effective as Ella. 
Her pragmatic approach combined with compassion and nurturing disposition are exceptional in creating an environment to implement change and growth. I have been seeing Ella for the past five years, sometimes taking breaks and going back when new challenges arise, and she has consistently has been able to  help me reach my goals.
I couldn’t say enough good things about Ella and consider anyone who has the opportunity to work with her a fortunate person.

~Liza S., Business Owner

I came to find Ella through my friend’s referrals. I was very skeptical, but a couple of my close friends have seen her for years. I finally decided to meet with her and was sold from the very first time. She provides really practical solutions for dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health issues. After just a few sessions, I sensed that she had great intuition and that I could really trust her advice. You will feel the difference right away. It feels like finally you are not just wasting your time and money.
I’ve seen several therapists, yet none really provided me with a strategic solution to my problem.
If you’re looking for someone with a very practical approach to talk therapy who’s not afraid to speak her mind, Ella is just for you!

~Vita O., Computer Programmer 

Ella is a gem of a person and a therapist.  I was blessed to find her.  I have gone through a tough marriage, horrible job situation, 3 surgeries and for each situation she helped me to understand what I was going through as well as helped me make better decisions.

I can’t believe how I have gone through two carpel tunnel surgeries and one surgery on the contracture in my hand with calmness (I freak when I think of needles!), as well as faster healing!

I would recommend Ella for any circumstance in your life!

~Diana P., Accountant

I got Ella’s name from  a friend. I  was hesitant at first. I had problem in  my marriage and felt trapped. Ella was able to target my problem.  Ella helped me  a lot  in understanding the essence of my relationship and making the right decisions for myself!    Ella is very understanding comfortable to talk  and very helpful.
I strongly recommend her services to anyone in need ! I can tell what an impact she has made on my life by the little tears of gratitude that are welling up in my eyes writing this. Ella  is amazing ! 

~Ally M., Insurance Billing


I cannot imagine any better experience. For me quitting smoking was always a desire but never a reality. After 40 plus years, just four sessions with Ella is all it took for me. I have been smoke free for over three months with no difficulty at all. In fact, it doesn’t even cross my mind during the day.

When I met Ella I knew she was the right person to help me. I felt an immediate connection and comfort level I did not expect when I first sought her out.

Thank you so much Ella it was truly an enlightening experience.

~Linda LQ, Commercial Producer


Ella Begelfor helped me with overcoming my fear of flying. After having three sessions of therapy with hypnosis I was able to make a round trip to Caribbean with two flights each way.

Thank you.

~Inna M.


Ella has helped me to connect with the part of myself that gives me strength and guidance to live a happy life. She has coached me how to listen to my inner guide, and trust to rely on it’s message. When I started working with Ella, there was nothing in my life I felt good about, all was hopeless and bleach. Through a step by step process, Ella ignited me with the passion to appreciate myself enough to value the life I have, and enjoy it to the out-most  She gave me support and tools to identify and build coping mechanisms for the things that were making me feel down, and wanting to give up, and thanks to her training I have real tools to build a life I can appreciate and enjoy.

Thank you Ella, you’re an angel!

~Lisa K. Business Owner


Ella helped overcome my inability to swallow pills! She helped me learn to take myself to a place where I can calm myself to the point of swallowing a pill. This was a huge hurdle for me. Thank you Ella!

One Year Follow Up:

Just so you know, I used to not be able to swallow one pill, now I’m swallowing 3 supplements at a time! Changed my life!

~Gali L.


Ella, thank you for everything you do to help and guide me. Your patience, expertise, and humor these past couple of years has been invaluable in changing my life.

You are absolutely in your calling as a profession – I’m sure it must be draining as a profession at times but I hope you know how much you help change my life and so surely others as well. Just felt grateful for you in this moment and wanted to say so. 

 ~ Angel A.


I do not normally get test anxiety, but while studying for my Marriage and Family Therapist exams I noticed I was becoming anxious. The anxiety was causing me to lose focus and as my test date approached I wanted to have calm and clear thinking.


Ella met with me two days before my first exam and led me through some deep relaxation and guided imagery. I felt calm and reassured immediately. On the day of the exam I continued to feel calm, relaxed and clear headed. I am certain it is one of the main factors that gave me success and allowed me to pass on my first attempt!

~ Christine V., Marriage and Family Therapist


I met Ella, and my life has not been the same since. I had attempted to quit smoking many times before unsuccessfully, but she unleashed the power of the subconsious mind and I have not smoked one cigarette since.

~ Dan E. Financial Analyst


Out of the blue, I experienced a massive panic attack, followed by a couple of months of anxiety which manifested itself in chest pains, palpitations, light headedness, cold flashes.Never having dealt with anxiety before, I thought I had developed heart problems and went to my internist who ordered chest x-rays, EKGs, Stress Tests – all of which confirmed that I was in perfect health. The symptoms, however, did not go away, and were beginning to severely affect my overall happiness and well-being. Luckily, a friend of mine knew Ella Begelfor and suggested I see her. During my first visit, Ella gave me the tools to deal with my symptoms and it only took a couple more sessions before I felt like my old self again. In addition, hypnotherapy helped uncover the reasons for my anxiety and left me more confident and in tune with myself and others. 

Thank you, Ella, for helping me overcome this very frightening chapter in my life and at the same time enabling me to grow as a person!

~ Doris M., VP Human Resources


I found it interesting that those applicants who chose to attend the hypnotherapy sessions with Ella performed much better at interviews than those who chose not to attend these sessions. I would say that the success rate of people getting jobs after a hypnotherapy session is about 70%. This is an incredible result!

~ Jean K., Corporate Client, Engineering Connection Corporation


Hypnosis helped my son to become more settled, less anxious and very calm. He concentrates much better at school, and this is only after two sessions of hypnosis. This treatment proved to be fast and natural for my child! Thank You so much, Ella.

~ Stella R.


I met Ella, while suffering from a severe insomnia. I was not able to sleep without very strong sleeping pills. I always believed that I cannot be hypnotized. After the first session, I had no need for sleeping pills. I have never thought that this was possible. Thank you very much.

~ Natella B. Journalist, member of International Federation of Journalists


After an unpleasant experience at the dental office, my dentist’s visits became very traumatic. I would get very tense, experience nausea. It took me a long time to make myself call the dental office to set up an appointment. After only one session with Ella, my anxieties subsided considerably and I was able to make an appointment with my dentist on the same day. I was able to see him right away, and instead of completing work on 2 cavities, he was able to fix all 4 that I needed. Her voice is soothing and mesmerizing, her attitude is of a person who genuinely loves what she is doing.

~ Inna B. Psychiatrist


Hypnosis helped my 8 year old grandson with his bed wetting problem. Only after 3 sessions with his talking doctor he is able to control his problem about 98% of the time!!! One can only imagine what that means to an 8 year old.  From the bottom of my heart, Ella, thank you so much!

~ Maya K. Certified Court Interpreter


Thank you for everything you are the best in the whole world!
I wish everyone would use your business!!!

~Sofya O.


Ella is a brilliant and insightful therapist and has pulled me through one of the toughest adjustment periods of my life Ella is warm and caring and very personable . She has offered me insights into myself that has really helped me get my life back— she is scientific in her approach to hypnotherapy but has almost an artistic approach in her advice on life. Ella was very strongly recommended to me and I recommend her to you with the same strength.You will know as soon as you meet her that she loves helping people and loves her job

~Bruce R.


Ella is one of the best therapists I have ever worked with. I was in a hard place in every part of my life. Family friends work ….. within 3-6 months I had my chi back. Ella’s method and energy uplifts you when you are down. She helped me see what I couldn’t and I have started a new chapter !!!! Have no doubt she is the best !!!!!

~Sophia K.


I am very grateful to Ella for relieving my anxieties and helping me to be able to fall asleep again. After many sleepless days and weeks I was very skeptical of hypnotherapy, but after the very first session I felt the difference. I went to Ella with excruciating headache persisting all day long. I felt that the headache was disappearing during the hypnotherapy. That night I slept like a baby.
Also, Ella helped me to navigate in the difficult family situation. She is thoughtful, caring person. Her love and demeanor allowed me to open myself to her and help me to get on the right path in my life.
I am thankful to Ella and highly recommend her.

~Vlad C.


Ella is the most nonjudgmental, open-minded, loving, empathetic and emotionally intelligent therapist I have ever worked with. You can tell from the very first meeting that Ella is genuinely caring and wants to understand you as a person and is really thinking about what is best for you; not what is best based on hers or someone else’s values. I really love that about her. She’s really helped me see things clearly and learn to be OK with what I want. She doesn’t impose the ideas of a psychology book or her own ideas upon you. She truly listens to you and every session is a deep intellectual discovery of yourself. Ella, thank you so much for being such an amazing person and for making such a difference in my life in such a short time. Thank you thank you thank you.

~Rick D.


I am beyond grateful to have been highly recommended to Ella. Ella is absolutely fantastic! She is an amazing therapist, a caring and open human being. She makes me feel very comfortable and at ease. I look forward going to her every single time. I am very thankful to her.

~Kristina L.


Ella is a delightful person. My wife and I made a few visits to her a couple of years ago and she was very helpful for me. I would recommend her services in a heartbeat,She was very thoughtful and caring.

~Rick S.


I never feel better than when I am leaving Ella’s sessions! I look forward to them and always learn something new about myself and my relationships. I highly, highly recommend!! She is the best!!

~Rochelle B.


“At first, I was very skeptical about therapy, but decided to listen to my friend’s glowing recommendation of Ella and go see her after a horrible bout of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other weird physical symptoms. In just nine sessions, Ella made me feel so much better. She taught me easy, practical strategies that I could call upon at any time of day or night to calm me down and make me feel relaxed. Therapy takes work and you have to put in some effort, but Ella makes it come to you naturally. The best part? Hypnosis! Without needing any medication, I was able to cure my insomnia and anxiety. It is a level of relaxation that I can’t explain, but Ella is able to take you there. I am hard to convince and am often skeptical of things, but I assure you Ella is the real thing!! I recommend people to see her before taking addictive medication. She is sweet, patient, friendly, and genuine. I never once felt rushed. I feel like she is trustworthy and always remembers things you tell her – you don’t feel like “just another client.”
5/5! Thank you Ella!

~Kevin G


Ella is an amazing therapist. She is knowledgeable and spiritual in just the right balance.she possesses the skills needed to help people deal with many different issues and achieve great success. She has helped me quit smoking, develop skills to manage anxiety, learn more effective communication skills and has helped me grow as a whole person.I have been to many therapist since I was a child and finally at 50 I have found someone who can help me be my best self. We should all be so lucky to have her to turn to for support and guidance. If you are searching for a therapist you should start with Ella, your journey with her will be life changing.

~Heather S.


Ella is amazing!!! I would recommend her to everyone. She made me see the light again and for that I’ll be forever grateful. If you need a great therapyst look no further.

~Victoria T.


Excellent therapist!! She helped me through a tough relationship and I loved going to Ella. Thank you!!!!

~Josh M.