Therapy Services

Individual, Couples and Family Therapy

You may come to my therapy sessions for any reason that prevents you from functioning well in your life:

  • feeling  ‘stuck’ or ‘down’
  • being emotionally exhausted
  • feeling that something is wrong
  • same troubling situation keeps recuring
  • sensing that you are an outsider
  • feeling abandoned and lonely

Perhaps you have grown up having difficult or traumatic experiences which trigger certain behavioural patterns.   You may have had experiences that created patterns of behaviour that  makes it difficult to form positive relationships.

By identifying these repeating patterns we can work together to identify the traps in those old ways of thinking and acting and assist you to find more helpful ways of dealing with the challenges.

My office environment is safe, confidential and comfortable, providing you, your partner or your family member the refuge required to attend to emotional distress.

individual couples and family therapy

Each session runs for 50 minutes. If you are a new client, I recommend an initial 100 minute assessment session.


The actions we take each moment of each day, determine the outcome of our lives.  To learn more about how I can help, please visit my Therapeutic Specialties & Fees page, then call me at (818) 207-1191 to schedule a session.  Please feel free to pay prior to your session using PayPal below, if you wish:


Begin living the life you feel you were meant to live!